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Guests Please Read
« on: 19-09-2006, 16:43:10 »
Hello and Welcome to the Rogers-Relics Detecting Forum, please feel free to register and join this friendly community.
Once you have registered you can log in straight away, also please consider joining the "site supporters" and get the full benefit of all the 100 plus boards on the site.

Guests Please Note

This site runs a donation system to help finance the server etc, and help to keep it self financing, the donation requested is just  8 per year, the year starts on the day the donation is made, so whenever you decide to donate you get a full years subscription to the site supporters group.

This site was established in August 2006, I opened this site after many years on other detecting forums, although the site is first and foremost a metal detecting site, we do have boards that cover other hobbies like Fishing, shooting etc, and a couple of boards where you can just chat and have fun, we have upgraded the server several times since the site opened, this was to keep the site speed up as more and more members joined, nothing worse than sitting there for ten minutes waiting for a page to open on a slow server lol.

If after registering you decide to subscribe to the "Site Supporters" you will have access to over 100 boards on the site and can use the gallery to post up all your pictures, we have a large database of  detecting articles, programs for your favorite machines, video's etc, the video's that I make myself are exclusive to this site and won't be found anywhere else on the net,my two DVD's "Back to Basics featuring the Goldmaxx Power" and "Metal Detecting with the Mighty Deus" are now free to view in full for site supporters, the site covers all the most popular makes of machines and accessories, we also have some very experienced detectorists to help any newcomers to the hobby, I myself have 45 years experience to share with members, we also have finds advisers to help ID your finds.

once you have registered and logged in you will only be able to view a few boards, this is normal, the rest are only open to "site supporters", these are the members who have donated  8 per year towards site costs, if you would like to subscribe and join the site supporters group, then just click the "subscribe" button on the home page, where you can pay via Paypal, don't worry if you haven't got a paypal account, you can also pay via the "subscribe" button using a debit/credit card, just click the "subscribe" button and then the link "Pay with Debit or Credit Card", all transactions are done through the Paypal secure server, adding members to the site supporters group is done manually, so please be patient once you have subscribed as I may not be online at the time you paid, I will sort things out next time I login.

Please also put your forum username in the "message" box on the paypal form, otherwise I won't know who has subscribed, if you forget please post up your forum username on the "support" board on the forum.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to support this site and secured it's future, it's very much appreciated, so come on in and join the best metal detecting forum on the net, you can be sure of a warm welcome  :handshake:     

                              Best Regards  Roger

Rally organisers feel free to advertise your upcoming rally's on the "rally" board, you do not need to be a "site supporter" to use the "rally" board

Please support this site by subscribing to the "site Supporters" group, thank you.