Forum Rules

Now we don't want the site laden with rules and regulations, it just takes a little common sense and respect for other people's opinions to have a smooth running forum.
When joining this site you will have accepted the Members registration agreement, you are expected to adhere to that, also please select a sensible username.

(1) The webmaster reserves the right to refuse membership of this site without reason, the Webmaster also reserves the right to refuse entry to the "site supporters" membersgroup without reason, the webmaster also reserves the right to terminate membership to the "site supporters" group at any time, if this happens a full refund of the subscription will be issued, no discussion about the Webmasters decision will be entered into, and the decision is final, also any topic that is permanently locked will be deleted after 7 days.

(2) What won't be tolerated is Foul/Abusive language or personal attacks on members, this will lead to the person being removed and permanently Banned without prior warning.

(3) Each Member is allowed one account on the forum, if a member registers more than one account under different usernames, one of the accounts will be deleted.

(4) Any member posting links to pornographic sites on this forum, will be permanently banned.

(5) Any member posting Racist remarks will be banned without warning.

(6) Any member sending abusive e-mails or pm's from this site to other members of this site will be banned permanently, also any members who posts  E-Mail's or PM's (Received from other people) on the open forum without the author's permission will have them deleted

(7) If a "Site Supporter" is banned from this site, his/her subscription fee will be refunded in full, regardless of when the subscription was paid.

(8) Any member posting links of my video's hosted on "dropshots" or "YouTube" outside this forum without my permission, will either be demoted to a registered member or banned.

(9) Rogers-Relics-uk accepts no liability for adverts placed in the members sale center, any transaction entered into as a result of these advertisments, is done so entirely at the members own risk, the sales center is for members second hand goods, not for new or retail adverts, no raffles or prize draws will be posted without the express permission of the site owner, also please refrain from posting a reply to an advert unless you are genuinely interested in purchasing the item advertised.

(10) Please think carefully before asking for your account to be deleted, some members in the past have asked for their accounts to be deleted, only to register again within a few hours with a new username, this usually means they are out to cause trouble, so now when a member requests their account be deleted they are in fact banned for life from the forum.

(11) Please be aware this site now runs a warning system, any member breaking the forum rules, will be issued with a warning (yellow card), this will be the one and only warning a member will get, the next step would be a permanant ban, any warning given will be removed after 10 days. Please note the warning system does not overide certain rules which if broken will still result in a permanant ban without prior warning.

(12) No charity appeals are to be posted on this forum, without the express permission of the webmaster.

(13) If a member finds themselves in dispute with an Admin/Moderator because one of your threads/posts has been Moved/Locked/Deleted, please contact one of the Admin/Mod team for an explanation, rather than post the request for an explanation on the open forum.

(14) Would members posting articles on this site from other websites or from publications, please credit the author for the work, or post a link to the original article, failing to do this may result in the article being removed without notice, anyone owning the copyright to any of the articles posted on this site that would like them removed, please contact one of the admin team, thank you !!

(15) A topic starter can only request the deletion of his/her topic, if the topic has had no more than two replies.
Any topic can be removed/locked at the discretion of the admin/mod team.

(16) Please do not put your coins/artefacts up for sale on this site, it will cause too much hassle in some quarters.

(17) Please do not copy and  paste my articles/vids/Programs from this site to other sites without my permission, any member doing so will be demoted to a registered member from a site supporter.

(18) Any member who Continually "baits" other members will be banned from the site, "baiting" members is very childish and uncalled for.

Rally organisers please feel free to advertise your upcoming rally's on the "rally" board

You need to have a valid e-mail address to register on this site, please type your e-mail carefully, if you make a mistake, you won't be able to use your email to retrieve a password if you forget it.

The Admin Team